VR prototype - Still

 Diaries of stillness. What would be the bare minimum of anything for us to understand something? If we start to puncture this information saturation, how much void can we mine before sink holes appear in our perception-reality? 06/06/19 Entry 1: stále Attention fatigued Burge starts her enquiry earnestly with a morning walk into Mestské lesy v Bratislave to document and experiment non-stimulation…. the increasingly elusive spaces in-between. Her only part was to be as invisible and to observe and capture. Through this immersion she of course stumbles upon her own stillness. // This work in progress is an interactive multi-modal haptic-virtual reality wearable. The virtual visual aspects abstracts with particles (visualized from mental health data) with a 3D painted sculpture wrapped in the movie diary capture – representing her stillness. The subject’s pulse rate live-modulates the forest sounds and haptically actuates via bone conductance behind the ear. This is first of a series of explorations of stillness diary entries. #

Created as part of the Augmented Attention Lab - Augmented Sensorium Festival, Pistori Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia